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Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the class ?

All the classes at our studio by appointment only. You can fill in the registration form or contact us via whatsapp to make an appointment. We will inform you via whatsapp if the slot that you want already fully booked

What's the different between earthenware and stoneware?

One crucial difference between stoneware and earthenware is that stoneware is a form of a pottery that is fired at a high temperature and gerenally much higher temperatures than earthenware. These high firing temperatures ensure that stoneware is a highly durable material, and much more durable than earthenware. Unlike earthenware, stoneware is non porous and so this lack of porosity makes it the ideal ceramic for dinnerware. As with earthenware, stoneware can undergo glazing to give it a smooth texture and glossy finish. Stoneware is the perfect material to host food stuffs and therefore can survive well in a microwave or dishwasher

Can you ship the final result when they're done?

Yes of course. We do shipping for domestic only and unfortunately we are not available yet for shipping overseas. We can keep will your final result in the studio for 2 months due to space issues. Past that given time, they will be donated away to local charity

How to make the payment?

We will send you the invoice after you fill in the registration form and you need to complete the payment within 3 hours after receive the invoice. We don't accept payment before arrival. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Please understand that last minute changes affect other clients, as well. If you past the limit, your booking automatically cancelled. All the payment or the rest of the downpayment should be done before the class begin.

How to reschedule my appointment?

No refund, reschedule only.

Rescheduling only valid max 2 months from the previous date that has been determined. If you want to reschedule your class, you need to inform us min 3 hours before your class begin. No confirmation = no reschedule

Can I take all the product after finish the class?

Yes you can. Your final result will be ready to collection within 10 - 14 work days from the day of your class. There will be extra charge if you want to ship it. Bali area can be shipped by gojek/grab. But if you take drawing class earthenware, you can take all the result directly after the class

What I need to prepare?

You don't need to bring anything with you. Just wear clothes you won't mind getting a little muddy, leave any valuable jewellery (ring, necklaces, watches) at home. It would be more easier if your nails are short (no nails extention)

Why my product look different after the firing procces?

The pieces that you created are likely to shrink up to 20% from its actual size because of the high temperature when it fired. Clay is natural product and from time to time mishaps happen while the drying process is taking place. Be assured we will take utmost care to avoid cracks or irregularities. You will be notified about the imperfection in your final pieces. Thank you for understanding

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